ASAHIKAWA Business Card Holder 旭川産 木製名刺入れ
Card Holder

These smart and beautiful business card holders are produced by Asahikawa’s wood craftsmen using walnut and maple trees that have a fascinating texture. There is a hint of natural wood smell and a feeling of warmth emanating from the material. The hinge joint is on the inside, so it can be opened and snapped shut smoothly. The holder comes in a solid card box, and is suitable as a gift.

Card is not included in any purchase of this item.

ASAHIKAWA Wooden Business Card Holder Maple & Walnut

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ASAHIKAWA Wooden Business Card Holder Walnut

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The Sasaki Kogei factory, based in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, has been producing wooden crafts every day since 1975. Their motto, which translates as 'creating products that stir delight and wonder in the world, but give peace of mind' reflects their appreciation of the benefit of wood - in its own right a thing of beauty and versatility - and a desire to promote harmonious coexistence and co-prosperity. Any wasted wood chips and sawdust are collected and compressed, then used as fuel in the long chilly winters. Further evidence of their desire to be self-sufficient and eco-friendly, Sasaki Kogei created their own furnace systems that require almost no fossil fuels, even in bitter cold Asahikawa.

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