ARITA Porcelain Crystal Gold Brush Cup Series 有田焼 結晶金彩

Touetsu-Kama from Arita is the name of the kiln that continues to challenge progress and modernity by producing new and exciting porcelain designs as well as preserving traditional Arita-ware. All products from their Crystal Gold Brush series maintain their strength and sharpness as porcelain, but at the same time, display a softer pottery-like appearance with the use of Toetsu's secret glaze. This Crystal Gold Brush series has, year upon year for the last 16 years, won awards for its products by the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition.

Crystal Gold Brush Cup L 結晶金彩カップ L Crystal Gold Brush Cup M 結晶金彩カップ M
Crystal Gold Brush Sake Server & Cups Set 結晶金彩 冷酒器揃 Crystal Gold Brush Sake Small Bowl Set of five 結晶金彩 小付揃

Arita, Japan's historical porcelain manufacturer, is named after the town it originated, in Saga prefecture, on the southernmost island of Kyushu.
The very first Japanese porcelain was baked in Arita in 1616, and this heritage has continued for over 400 years. Arita introduced its quality porcelain to the European continent in the 17th century via the Dutch East Indies Company (VOC), and is credited with inspiring the birth of the first European porcelain, Meissen. VOC shipped the goods from Imari port, stamping the port name onto the box, thus Arita porcelain is better known in Europe as Imari.

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