No oil required. Only 50 seconds!! Super-healthy! Microwave  Egg Cookware From IGA Pottery, Mie Prefecture, Japan 伊賀焼

No oil required! The Super-healthy Microwave Egg Cooking dish has arrived from Iga Pottery! It takes only 45 seconds to cook an egg in the microwave, so is ideal for busy breakfast times. It also makes a tasty egg dish with sliced ham and vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower. The pottery finish is a simple design, making an everyday product into a classic piece for every kitchen.

IGA Super-healthy Microwave Egg Cookware


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Please note the food shown in the photo is not included in any purchase of this product.

IGA IGA Potteryt 伊賀焼

The history of this pottery started in the 8th century. Whilst tea did not became popular until the 16th century, Iga Pottery's tea-ware was notable among tea-lovers of the time. In the 18th century, Iga invited masters of pottery from Kyoto and Seto to bring their latest techniques and glazes, so that Iga potters could learn from these craftsmen. Soon after, Iga further developed their range of pottery by making daily products such as earthenware pots, rice bowls and plates in addition to their traditional tea items.

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