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甲州印傳 INDEN Coin case 甲州印傳 INDEN Lipstick case 甲州印傳 INDEN Mirror
甲州印傳 INDEN Purse 甲州印傳 INDEN Small Pauch 甲州印傳 INDEN Small Pauch


Inden deerskin handicrafts have a tradition of more than 400 years. Deerskin was originally used to make particular sections of the armour worn by Japanese samurai because it combined softness, lightness, flexibility and strength.
Inden handicrafts - lacquered deerskin products made in Koushu (the present Yamanashi Prefecture of Japan) - were created by Uehara Yushichi, whose name has been handed down for 13 generations. These products are made of specially processed deer skin where it is first tanned, then dyed and finally silkscreened with colourful Japanese lacquers in many contemporary or traditional patterns. Among the vast range of Inden handicrafts, there are purses, wallets, belts, handbags, shoulder bags, pouches, and many other similar items.

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