NAMBU Cast Iron Tea Pot Nambu Cast Iron From IWACHU tradition 南部鉄器 Tetsubin Japanese
Tetsubin Made in Japan

It is said that the history of Nambu cast iron started in the middle of the 17th century. The lord of the Nambu clan was a man dedicated to the traditional tea-ceremony ritual and wanted to produce their own cast iron cauldrons in Nambu because the local area contained all the raw materials it needed, such as iron sand, river sand, enamel from natural woods, clay and charcoal. The only lack was not having mastery of cast iron production, so the Nambu lord invited skilled masters in this craft from Koshu (Yamanashi pref) and the ancient capital Kyoto to learn from them how to produce items ranging from tea kettles to temple bells to large canons. The 8th lord of Nambu was particularly keen on the traditional tea ceremony and spread this culture throughout the clan and down to the local citizens. The Nambu tea kettle was sent to the Shogun and the other clans as a gift, and because of its high quality, it was not long before the Nambu Cast Iron kettles became a favourite firstly for noblemen, and then gradually spread to all households.

*The Nambu products we introduce here are cast iron tea pots that on the outside are very traditional in style and appearance, but are aided on the inside by modern technology, using an enamel coating that keeps the product almost stain-free.
*Please note that the items introduced in this range are not suitable for putting onto direct heat to boil water, as this can damage the pots. They are intended for serving purposes only.

KAMBIN Black Large 燗瓶 KAMBIN Antique Brown Medium 燗瓶 KAMBIN Violet Blue Medium 燗瓶 KAMBIN Jeans Medium 燗瓶
AIKA Black あいかAIKA Silver Gray あいか AIKA Violet Blue あいか AIKA Japanese Red あいか
MOMIJI Gold Cafe 紅葉 MOMIJI Ocha Green 紅葉 CHRYSANTHEMUM Purple Gold 菊ARARE Purple Gold あられ
NAMBU Black 南部 SHIPPO China Blue 七宝 WAVE China
 Blue 波 IWACHU Tetsubin Cast Iron Tea Pot ARARE Casiss Small
IWACHU Tetsubin Cast Iron Tea Pot KAMBIN Black Small IWACHU Tetsubin Cast Iron Tea Pot KAMBIN Res SmallIWACHU Tetsubin Cast Iron Tea Pot KAMBIN Casiss Small IWACHU Tetsubin Cast Iron Tea Pot Leaf Choco Small

All tea pots come with a strainer.

NAMBU Cast IronMORIOKA JapaneseIWACHU Nambu Cast Iron

Since being founded in 1902, the top producer of Nambu cast iron products, Iwachu, makes over one million items every year, keeping alive the skills of the Nambu cast iron artisans. Not only do they uphold centuries of tradition, Iwachu also challenges itself to develop modern items - they were the first to introduce the coloured tea pot to Europe, and also created unique styles and patterns by involving new designers from abroad.

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