NISHIJIN Kimono Silk Double Frog Mouth Wallet craftsman's hand-made 西陣織 がま口コスメポーチ

100% Nishijin Silk Kyoto craftsman's hand-made double frog mouth wallet

100% silk double frog mouth wallet produced by 'Iroha', the shop for Nishijin products that introduced modern silk items in Kyoto and run since 1738 by the same Kimono belt wholesaler family. Once you open the frog mouth, you'll find a second frog mouth inside - this creates three separate sections, so it's very handy to keep your plastic cards, coins and notes apart. The antique gold coloured mouth creates a bit of a nostalgic, old-fashioned feeling to this modern product. This new double-frog mouth is now becoming more popular that the original in Japan.

NISHIJIN Cats Foot Print Black 西陣織 ねこの足跡 墨色 NISHIJIN Cats Foot Print Ivory 西陣織 ねこの足跡 象牙色 NISHIJIN Dot Pink 西陣織 水玉 薄紅
NISHIJIN Dot Grape 西陣織 水玉 葡萄色 NISHIJIN Dot Black 西陣織 水玉 墨色 NISHIJIN Karakusa White-brown 西陣織 唐草 白茶
NISHIJIN Ichimatsu Navy-Black 西陣織 市松 藍墨 NISHIJIN Ichimatsu Black-brown 西陣織 市松 墨茶 NISHIJIN Karakusa Brown 西陣織 唐草 茶 NISHIJIN Kobana Sepia 西陣織 小花 セピア
KYOTO KYOTO NISHIJIN Kimono Silk Pouch and Wallet 西陣織

Nishijin craftman What is Nishijin silk?
It is said that the origins of Nishijin silk date back as far as the 5th century. The Hata family arrived from ancient China to Kyoto, introducing the practice of sericulture (the rearing of silkworms for silk production). This was a success and was taken on by the local craftsmen. When civil war broke out in 1467, fierce battles raged in Kyoto and forced many craftsman to evacuate the city for 10 years. On their return, they re-settled where the Western (Nishi) army had based their headquarters (Jin). Since then, Kyoto silk from this area were called Nishijin.


The Kimura Uhei Company was founded in 1738 as a Nishijin kimono belt manufacturer. They recently opened their first shop 'Iroha', selling modern Nishijin items in tune with the concept of 'feel more Nishijin close to you'.

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